eDVR Manager

eDVR Manager 1.2

Accesses, manages and configures eDVR products
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Manage and control eDVR products such as DS412, DS800, DS1600D, DS1600Q, etc. by WEBGATE. The suite provides three main modules for monitoring the content, initiating playback and configuring the settings. HD resolutions of playback records are supported.

eDVR Manager is software for managing WEBGATE Inc.’s eDVR (DS412, DS800, DS1600D, DS1600Q). Three separate programs: Monitor, Playback, and Configuration Tool, ConfigStation comprise the eDVR Manager.
By installing the eDVR Manager, monitoring real-time and recorded images on remote DVR is possible via Intranet or Internet.
It enables user to search recorded image from HDD of DVR and playback it.
To manage multiple channels easily, eDVR Manager supports camera list and group mode.

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